What is white collar boxing™?

White Collar Boxing™ is so-called because its many participants come mainly from the white collar professions. It is a fast growing sport for men and women between the ages of 25 and 55 who look to challenge themselves in a controlled boxing environment. With an emphasis on safety, boxers are professionally trained in a 12-week program, to go on to participate in a 3-round bout in white collar events sanctioned by the World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA).

The main event is now the focus after training, whether that be a black tie dinner or an arena style format. Hundreds of people will attend to witness the result of all that training as the night's drama unfolds. Charged with the personal emotions of knowing the participants, the audience is guaranteed to give each boxer a roaring welcome they will never forget. As the final bell sounds, regardless of the outcome of the fight, the participants will have joined one of the most elite groups on this planet, that of being a boxer.


Ask any of the hundreds of men and women who have taken the journey of white collar boxing™ and they will tell you it is one of the best experiences of their lives, from the intensity of their training and the camaraderie built with fellow boxers to the obvious excitement of boxing in front of their family and friends. All this and knowing that their efforts will also help raise funds for charity.

The journey may or may not be over at the end of the night but the experience stays with the boxer forever. For some, having regained their fitness is a reset on their life and a catalyst to continue living well. For others, the lure of the ring lingers and they find themselves joining the increasing number of people around the world who train and compete in the world of white collar boxing™ on a regular basis. With the emergence of WWCBA as the governing body, they will even have the opportunity to be ranked against their peers and go on to challenge for titles in regional white collar championship bouts.


Contact us

Vanda Promotions is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best and brightest young fighters to help achieve our aim. We would be happy to talk to anyone who can help us meet our aim, so email us.

Boxing in a WCB Event

Have you got what it takes to get in the ring and box three rounds in front of family and friends? Could you take on the training of a boxer in readiness for the biggest night of your life?

Vanda Promotions is looking to hold White Collar Boxing™ Nights over the next 12 months in Singapore, Hong Kong and Qatar and we are looking to recruit boxers.

Come experience something completely different and raise funds for charity whilst doing so.

If you are aged between 25 and 55, have not fought professionally before, able to commit to a minimum of two nights' training per week over twelve weeks and go on to compete at an event then get in touch with us. Vanda Promotions works with accredited boxing gyms to provide you with professional training free-of-charge. Upon successful completion you will be eligible for your WWCBA license which will allow you to go on and compete at any of the WWCBA - sanctioned events throughout the world should you choose to do so.

Interested? CLICK HERE and sign up for our next event at Hong Kong on September 2016.