raiSING funds for children's charities

Vanda Promotions was founded with two primary aims. One was to always put on sustainable professional sporting events that provided a competitive, equitable environment for athletes whilst ensuring a quality spectator experience. We then wanted to harness the opportunity our events present to raise funds for children's charities in the region.

Our events have given us an ideal platform to work from and we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities throughout the region with fund raising activities we undertake on the event night. With a schedule throughout Asia, we aim to join hands with non-government funded, registered charities that look after the interests of children in the host country we are working in.

Click the links below to read letters from the charities we support:

24/02/2016Letter from CSCView Donated: US$256,697
12/02/2014Letter from CSCView Donated: US$256,697
31/12/2012Letter from CSCView Donated: US$100,111
30/04/2012Letter from CSCView Donated: US$123,847
01/01/2012Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$108,000
11/06/2011Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$120,500
02/11/2010Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$129,325
06/05/2010Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$110,000
05/12/2009Letter from Operation BreakthroughView Donated: HK$10,000
26/10/2009Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$96,629
03/06/2009Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$77,000
12/05/2009Letter from Operation BreakthroughViewDonated: HK$10,000
15/01/2009Letter from SCASViewDonated: US$20,000
01/12/2008Letter from CSCViewDonated: HK$205,340
15/11/2008Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$26,000
30/10/2008Letter from CSCViewDonated: US$30,000
20/09/2008Letter from HKRCViewDonated: Equipment
16/09/2008Letter from HKRCViewDonated: HK$235,814

Want to help?

Vanda Promotions is committed to raising funds for charity. If you want to help or make a contribution, please email us.

Note from CSC

"Thanks to Vanda Promotions and White Collar Boxing, more than 5,000 Cambodian kids will receive free life changing surgeries. At US$100 per surgery, the money sure goes a long way. Many many thanks!"

Dr. Jim Gollogly
Children's Surgical Centre

CSC Video

Learn more about the charities we support:

Children's Surgical Centre
Hong Kong Red Cross
Project Breakthrough, Hong Kong