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No Regrets

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First of all I want to send out a huge thank you to Vanda for organizing an amazing event. Dealing with Event Management myself in my role at work, I know how hard it is to plan and execute a huge event like this, so thank you!

Second, what a  great opportunity it was to raise a good amount of cash for the Children’s Hospital and that in itself was enough to make it all worth it. Watching the video about the Hospital while standing in the Ring on Fight Night was enough to put tears in my eyes.what a night.

I did not win. I didn’t even survive all 3 rounds but I never gave up. There were some amazing boxers on Saturday night and my opponent was just as amazing with her fast moves and quick feet.

Many are asking if I will ever do it again. The answer is no. I am not a boxer, I am a weightlifter. However I have no regrets. I sat down with my sons the day after to show them the videos and pictures from the evening and the smiles and hugs was all I needed. I know that no matter what, I can say I never gave up. All those nights coming home with tears full of doubt and pain led me to complete this amazing challenge.

Thank you to everyone involved in helping us get to the main event. The trainers at Impakt, Vanda, James, Darren and Amani from DB Boxing Club and to my friends and family for all of your support.

Vanda is actively seeking participants for the March event, so if any of you feel like this just may be something you may want to try in 2016, then please let me know.


For those of you who’s interested of signing up for the next event CLICK HERE NOW!


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