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What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger.

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Yes you can say this quote rings true to me this week. After getting put in my place (AKA getting knocked around) on Monday night by my team mate, I had to reflect on this journey and what it means to me. After getting home with what I thought was a dislocated jaw, I felt sorry for myself and wondered if I really was good enough for this. Can I really do this and as my hashtag goes #whatthehellwasithinking ?

After being on holiday for a week, returning to team training was a bit intense. A few had black eyes and many have toned down in their weight and look strong. I unfortunately was off at my game and Lauren proved me to be the weakest link that evening. This was tough. It is hard on the mind and the soul. Luckily everyone was very supportive and even a few admitted to having tears of doubt.

I can confirm that I will NOT be giving up and I will NOT be letting down my guard from now on. This is a lesson learned and one I will remember. I am strong. I am woman! :-)

4 weeks to the date until Fight Night. Thank you again to the awesome crew at Impakt for being so supportive and to Yannick who gave me the best pep talk anyone could ever give. We are all in this together, beginners in the ring. Let’s do this!


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