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boxing gloves

I am tired. Sore. Hungry. Frustrated.

Just a few emotions I am feeling these days. I could have never been prepared for how hard this would be. However it doesn’t stop me from focusing and being motivated to be a better ‘me’!. I can see most of the team trying hard and getting stronger. We have just over 5 weeks left to get our shit together and I tell you… IT IS NOT ENOUGH TIME!! the pressure is on.

I am a lover of weight lifting but the training for boxing has nothing on the weights. It is a different pain, mentally and physically. Walking around with a nice shiner on my chin proves, I let my guard down and will NOT be doing it again. Every day I think I am crazy for doing this then I remember the name that was given to me by one of my dearest friends… #badassbrusuelas.

Regardless if I win the fight or not. I am a bad ass (we all are!) and every day that I wake up, I will continue to believe in myself and in the process.


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