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clean eating for beginners

I have for the past few weeks been trying to keep my nutrition in check and haven’t been completely successful, I admit. But I am cracking down now, Many are asking what it takes to have a ‘clean’ diet. I have attached a simple shopping list when considering the foods to buy when you start eating clean. My biggest addiction is now MyFitnessPal App which allows me to log all my food so I can keep control of my calories. It is brilliant! If you want to be fight for fight you have to take control of what enters your body. Your muscles need proper nutrition to build and it wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds in the process, would it?

We are all working hard these days! Just under 2 months left until the big night. Everyone seems determined and motivated and nervous at the same time. I have enjoyed training with the team and of course it is always fun to get our butts whipped by the IMPAKT guys. :-)

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