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Pain is part of the process

posted on 2015.07.13 by |

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My body aches and my mind is second guessing itself. It is tough. We have finally started sparring and to be honest it hit me hard (literally)! I wasn’t expecting to be so frustrated, confused and angry all in one 2 minute practice round but I was!! The footwork and balance of boxing is such an important part of the process along with getting punched in the stomach, face and shoulders, it has all become quite real and intense.

After the team training on Friday I was ready to throw in the towel. I was heartbroken that I struggled during training and I felt like a failure BUT luckily I picked myself back up again. I need to live up to my new boxing name, given to me by a very good friend. #badassbrusuelas and stay focused. We still have around 9 more weeks to go before fight night and I WILL be ready! I will no longer doubt myself as a fighter and I will prove to myself that I will fight my best and my hardest, win or no win I will fight to the end. Bring it on!


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