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1 down, 2 to go! Time to raise some funds for the Children’s Surgical Centre

posted on 2015.07.06 by |

Month 1 is done and now the fun starts! This past weekend I have had many comments/questions on the fight. Many from my friends asking about my face and what if I break my nose……..etc….etc. I guess you can say that doesn’t really worry me. I am determined and focused. Plus the whole point is to make sure I DONT get hit in the face hard enough to get a broken nose.

I am extremely grateful for the support from my friends who have purchased tickets and some even buying a full table but even more to those who have already donated funds to the Charity. I have a goal to raise HKD10,000 for the wonderful Children’s Surgical Centre in Cambodia. My fundraising page is located below. I hope some of you are able to donate a few cents to help me reach my goal.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and for believing in me. It has been a year of challenges for me and I look forward to Fight night. Thanks to #Impakt for kicking our asses at training and to #Leanbydesign for keeping my nutrition in check. Go VANDA boxers!!



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