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Today starts another tough week of training. I have started cutting down on my nutrition and have been getting meal advice from a company called LeanByDesign that has recently launched in Hong Kong. They have an excellent business going for them by providing gourmet meals to your door which match your weight goals. Something that is very important when doing an event like this, is your nutrition. The last thing I want is to be bloated and fluffy when I am training for such a huge event.

Every week you get to know your team a little bit better and last week I found out a few of my teammates are quite extraordinary women. I hope everyone on the team who has children and supportive partners are proud of what they are doing and will see it through. This isn’t an easy thing to do and we are all pushing our bodies to the extreme. Hopefully we will be shrinking soon, as it seems like we all sweat at least 5 kilos during training. Enjoy the week everyone. See you on the mats at Impakt!


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