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How to MUTILATE a mouthguard!

posted on 2014.01.30 by |

How to ruin a mouth guard in 3 simple steps!

So I have had this mouth guard for ages. It’s black and makes me look tough. Except, it doesn’t fit very well, so I don’t look so tough when I’m constantly sucking it back against my teeth.
Along comes the bright idea to re-heat it and mould it some more….

Step 1)
Boil kettle, put said mouth guard directly in the kettle (even though it says not too) to heat for 1 min.

Step 2)
Carefully remove rapidly melting mouthguard from boiling water using a spoon

…..and this is where it goes tits up

Uncoordinated me, manages to drop the mouthguard off the spoon. I try to catch it, but as a handful of boiling water and hot plastic hits my hand, I scream and throw it.
At this, my my sweet puppy the scavenger thinks I am throwing her a scrap of food, and dives for the mouthguard.

This comical battle ensues between my “Balboa” the puppy and the hot sticky thing in her mouth, the result of which is one seriously unusable mouthguard, and one sad little puppy.

Where is a camera when you need one.



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