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Hump Day: Week 2

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Week 2:
What a great start to a week.
Although my feet still aren’t moving properly, I have learned that “I can pack a punch”. Training sessions have moved from skipping and burpies to work on the bags…I love this.

I had the pleasure of shadow boxing with Lena on Saturday, we both got some imaginary great shots in (both of us were visualizing the other hitting the mat at one time or another ;) ).

The good news is, my feet actually move better when shadow boxing, so there may be hope for me yet!

Training Monday night was so fun. We partnered up on the heavy bags to practice our punches. I paired up with the lovely Peter who kept cheering me on, to which Alexis (the trainer) replies “don’t tell her she’s good, she will get a big head”….seems he’s got me sussed already.

It has to be said, after taking a hammering holding the bag for Peter (ouch), and hammering out my hardest jab, jab, right combo for two mins, I thought my shoulders were going to fall off, and prayed for more burpies instead.

I’m still mulling over my boxing name, everyone has an opinion about it, but can’t quite find one I love (that hasn’t been used before), I’m sure it will come to me eventually. Until then, “box on” and can’t wait for training tonight!




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