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Bicycle Race, Bikram Yoga and T-Rex arms

posted on 2012.02.10 by |

I am trying to get myself to a level of fitness which I have only ever dreamed about but (un)fortunately, unlike a professional athlete, I do have a day job to maintain and so it is proving a bit of a challenge but as the name of the blog says I have accepted the challenge.

One way in which I have been able to add some additional exercise into my regime is by cycling everywhere. I cycle to and from work and boxing training which means I never have to get the bus, MRT or taxis which also cuts alot of stress out of my life. However the buses and the taxis try to exact their revenge for my lack of custom by trying to mow me down. I am one charged up individual by the time I get to work. However I try to be as safe as possible as when it is Bus vs. Billy the Kid Kerr there will only be one winner. Touch wood we will not be hearing about that fight.

Another efficient way to keep fitness up is Bikram Yoga. I have been practicing Bikram Yoga at City Hall since November when I did the 30 day challenge and it is beneficial in many ways. One way is that it is just a really good workout as you are basically trying to hold 26 poses in a 40°C room over 90 minutes and really stretch your muscles and loosen them up which also prevents injuries. A second benefit is that psychologically it gives you strength as you cannot leave the room and so you have to keep going and so you build up the mentality that there is no giving up and you can do it. It also teaches you to regulate your breathing in order to recover as quickly as possible which is going to be essential in the ring. Some fighters simply forget to breathe as they panic and so having the calmness to remember the basics must be instilled in you and this is what happens at Bikram Yoga.

In terms of the boxing training my coach Alexis is excellent. He is ex-Singapore army and is in the Singapore Police Force and doesn’t take any rubbish, especially from me! He is pretty militant and that is what I need as I need to get this stuff drilled into me, over and over again in order to learn it properly. We are still concentrating on the basics but I need to learn some more tactics because basically I have T-Rex arms. They are very budget. Therefore I think I will be best off becoming an infighter much in the style Mike Tyson and so I can get close to my opponent and overwhelm them with quick punches but I will need a good chin for this!

Well keep reading my blog as next I will be writing about my experience in Cambodia at the Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC), the charity we are supporting. Speak to you soon!


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