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Halfway home!

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Well, we are over the halfway point in our training, everyone seems to have really bonded and we now have a new training facility on Mo Sultan… Only 5 minutes walk from my apartment – win.

A few injuries have started to creep up on us all as some post-Christmas fatigue sets in. My back hasn’t recovered since Alexis tortured us at the running track on Monday (I hate suicides) and I can’t seem to shake a left shoulder niggle. I can see some money being thrown at the local massage place over the next few weeks.

I do not mean Orchard Towers.

Being filmed last night, whilst continuing our torture, was a new experience but hopefully they will play music over Alexis shouting “come on, Dominic” – A regular occurrence at training! Some of the still shots will make a good memento and captured the pain nicely.

The one thing I have noticed is my ability to recover seems to be improving, significantly. I feel just as tired immediately after every session, but it does feel like we are going harder and harder. Now, by the time I get back to the apartment, I am not such a panting, sweaty mess and have not been greeted by the phrase “you look like you’ve been swimming”, in quite some time.

I believe they call that getting fit.

I think some rest might be in order, ahead of sparring on Saturday morning. My nose could do with a bit of a rest from Spackers right fist and hopefully no blood will be shed this week… The tears will no doubt still come if we have to do anymore scissor kicks at the end of training!

Congratulations to each and every member of the last 16 – everyone has worked their socks off to be here and I am sure we will put on quite the show at Suntec on March 17th. With it being Paddy’s Day, 6 Nations and an important, personal date for me – I am sure to be doing what I do best, post-fight… Drinking, not boxing!


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